Dennis Alcapone…Buster a True Genius

Dennis Alcapone Ace  DJ from the 70’s paid tribute to his favorite Producer Prince Buster on The Musical Heatwave Radio Show ( press play  to listen show) in London recently. ‘He is one of my musical hero,not just a brilliant producer but a unique vocalist’.

Dennis explains   ‘I was listening to him since i was a youth’ from the days when everybody wanted to be dancehall champion in that time talking bout King Edwards ,Coxsone /Duke Reid mainly and then here comes Buster, even when they would send their ‘enforcers’ to mash up Prince’s Dance they realise he was one serious brethren.  ‘he was one to stand up to the big men of the sound system at the time’.

Even when Duke Reid /Sir Coxsone get together and tried to get Buster out them find out that he was truly ‘a hard man fi dead’ and with his own production’. Dennis Alcapone operated  El Paso sounds and scored his first hit with the same ‘El Paso a wah so’ a catchy chorus   which had the Island of Jamaica chanting and singing to the easy-going style of the DJ.The rival to U-Roy.

Alcapone with the educational Teach The Children was very much in demand and was soon sought out by the Prince.’Prince Buster was all about reality,he sung about what was going on,he was way ahead of his time,he had vibes and just an inspiration’.

Dennis goes on ‘ he was a man that could stand up to any one,and at that time you had to know  how to defend it and Prince could’  Dennis revealed on the show that He had auditioned for the part that subsequently went to Buster (the dj in the dance) in The Harder They Come ‘myself and Lizzy (70’s DJ) were invited to go for the part of the DJ in the dance scene but we didn’t know anything about acting so Prince was a better actor than us’.

Dennis recorded a few songs for Prince Buster  including ‘i wish your picture was you’ and ‘Giant’ which Dennis remember recording ‘ i went to do three songs for him at the time in the studio were Alan Skill Cole and the ‘enforcer’ Claudy Massop the studio was dynamic sounds. ‘it was a great vibes ‘ the only thing is when the session done Prince give me some discs from his Juke Box as payment’….but it was a great night!!

listen to some of the interview below;

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