Jimmy Riley A True Gent….Whole heap of Love and Devotion

Daddy Ranks and Norman G learnt of the passing of a very dear friend of  Musicalheatwave. Jimmy Riley the  very principled singer and proud Father  gave us some deep and cultured songs  .An artist whose ability to interpret other writers songs with ease and imagination was second to none.Jimmy Riley’s  song writing  has given us some classic tracks over the past four decades with back to back no 1 hits on the Island of Jamaican charts  and right here in the UK  with Sly and Robbie including  as a solo artist Love and Devotion,Give me Your Love,My Woman’s Love. .http://www.musicalheatwave.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Tarrus-Riley-Black-Mother-Pray-ft-Jimmy-Riley.mp3

He started singing while in school and at age 14 was getting ready to form his own group. The sixties saw the keen Riley wanting to join the group The Techniques which had  his good friend Slim Smith as one of its members but due to there already being 4 people in the group there was no place for Jimmy so he decided to get together with some other friends (Harold Davis,Cornel Campbell) and The Sensations was created.A falling out of the Techniques gave Jimmy the opportunity to work with his good friend Slim Smith and an off shoot The Uniques gave Jimmy his first taste of success with Watch This Sound.

My Conversation.   . Jimmy Riley the very versatile singer was at one stage juggling as member of three of Jamaica’s top vocal group..Uniques,Sensation,Techniques..

Jimmy Riley was part of the first set of reggae artist to tour Japan…the reggae sunsplash reggae tour. The musicalheatwave over the past ten or so years had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy on several occassions and everytime we’ve met Jimmy he made you  feel welcome and always had time to talk,most time always eager to talk about his latest tune or the next album he is recording. Late it would be about Tarrus and how proud he is of the way Tarrus has carried on the banner.


Jimmy talking about fatherhood said ” It is very important to tell your children about truths and rights’ on his track Fathers and Daughters he talks about being there for your children’  Jimmy was a hands on Father and talks about Tarrus and his writing ‘ It’s more than  proud,he was there with me on stage as a youngster used to carry him to the studio from a young age’ he goes on ‘we, myself and his mother taught him the principles of a good life and good livity and what he reads and where his mind is’ Jimmy talked about a great moment in his life…being able to have had the chance to not only record with Tarrus but sharing the stage with him and scoring a massive hit with the dancehall hit ‘Pull up Selector’

Jimmy Riley a true gentleman and a giant of our music Musicalheatwave  Daddy Ranks and Norman Gentles  salute  a very unique and sensational individual   RIP

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