Nesbeth ‘S Search To Find Good


DREAM’.”Words can’t even explain,  It was a shock, It came at a time when no one would really want to see such things’The Artist in conversation with Winford Williams still visibly moved by his situation expressed emotionally  on he paid tribute to  his beloved wife Ann-Marie Elliott who died in the U.S on 17 february 2016.of undisclosed complications. ‘she was a remarkable human, she is my wife plus the mother of my children’ he went on ‘i have to now face reality and say such is the case and now have to take care of my kids’. Nesbeth announced he is back to work.’I realise that IN EVERY GOOD SITUATION THERE IS ALWAYS BAD LURKING’

‘The Day i got the invite to perform at Prime minister’s  Inaugeration was the day the call came through that my wife’s body was ready for identification ,the same day my manager told me the song had been added to BBC’S A List it was the very day 3 march i laid my mom to rest’ Nesbeth talking about the impact his wife’s death has had on him on the show On Stage last night.

The Artist went on  ‘when i look back i know things are happening for a reason sometime you may question sometime you may find an answer it may not be the answer you want but then maybe it’s just the answer you supposed to get’. Nesbeth’s strong performance at the Inauguration of the Jamaican Prime Minister is still being talked about as a great Jamaican moment.” That inner strength was something i had to find,don’t ask how it came but i had to do it’ Nesbeth talked more about his inspiration “my wife is a tower of strength for me and i know she would feel good within herself,knowing where i am coming from’  Nesbeth’s song My Dream was used by both Political Parties in the recent general election and was sanctioned by the artist ” everyone have a dream’ people come and tell me how the song touch them’ when i see how much the people are loving the song i have no reason to deny the use,even intellects are lost for words trying to explain how deep the song touches them  ‘I KNOW THE SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF MY DREAM GOES WAY BEYOND WORDS’

The artist  is back on the road and performs in USA,CANADA,BARBADOS and performs at the big match featuring Jamaica v Costa Rica,the song has been adopted as the TEAM SONG….MY DREAM HEAR ME NOW!!!!

‘Even though i’m going through my darkest moment there is so much i have to  be thankful for’

Nesbeth thanked all who have given him the support during the moment of darkness


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